Top Mount Vent Covers

We can custom cut top mount vent covers to fit in a variety of flooring styles.  Made of solid hardwood, stain matched finish is included.  Can also be fitted with an Air Vent Damper to control air flow.

Floor mounted air vent covers are usually one of the things you’ll need to consider when getting new flooring. Depending on the flooring manufacturer you choose, they may not offer matching air vent grilles. In which case, you might want to consider our custom made top mount air vent covers.

Top Mount Air Vent Covers

If matching air register covers aren’t available through your flooring supplier, you can certainly find them from a local hardware store. They are usually made of three materials, plastic, metal and wood. The plastic ones look cheap, break easily and oxidize over time. The metal ones, on the other hand, bend easily and look cold. Wooden ones are great, but chances are they won’t match your flooring very well unless you remove the stain and re-stain them. One reason why you would consider top mount covers over flush mount ones is that they work with both tile flooring and carpet.

Custom Made, Unique Design

So you might be thinking, why can’t you just get those Aria air vent covers Home Depot carries? Well, you certainly can but it has issues, too, which you can read about in our review. Our top mount air vent covers are custom made from your pre-purchased flooring so they will match and blend in perfectly. Also, most of the pre-manufactured grilles have the same vent patterns, boring, isn’t it? When you order your air register covers from us, you can customize the vent pattern however you like. You can see some of the more popular patterns in the gallery on this page. If you need irregularly shaped or sized vent covers, we can also accommodate.

Registers vs Grilles vs Vent Covers

The terms air registers, grilles and vent covers are often used interchangeably. Air vent covers and grilles are used interchangeable, and usually don’t have a damper to control the air flow, whereas air registers do. If you’d like air dampers on your top mount air vent covers, just let us know when you place the order. We also offer other custom vent products such as cold air return register covers and flush mount floor vent covers.

How to Purchase

For flooring purchased from our flooring partners, you can order our products through them, or just let us know what you bought. For flooring purchased elsewhere, we just need you to ship us some materials in order to make matching air register covers. Please get in touch with us via our contact page. We also work with home builders and developers in Kelowna, West Kelowna and the rest of Okanagan, ask them to contact us if you’re building a new home.

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