Custom Stair Nosing

Our custom stair nosings are made to match your pre-purchased flooring. We accommodate different styles and thicknesses depending on your needs. Give your stairs a sleek & custom look!

A stair nosing, stair nose or stair tread nosing, is the horizontal part that extends beyond the riser for approximately an inch. Its purpose is to enhance the safety of the staircase by providing users more space for step on. Stair nosings or noses offered by manufacturers to match their hardwood, vinyl plank, laminate or cork flooring products are usually quite standard, meaning they can’t accommodate stairs with more complex designs.

Laminate & Vinyl Stair Nosings

The main problem with laminate and vinyl planks (LVP) is that if you have stairs with one or more open sides, these pre-manufactured products don’t have the sides veneered to provide a refined finish. As a result, you’ll be able to see the inner core made of fibre board or plastic, which isn’t what you want to see after spending thousands of dollars on flooring. On top of that, since stairs are usually a high traffic area, you’d want something more durable than just laminated fibreboard and vinyl. Not only are our vinyl and laminate stair nosings custom made to fit your staircase, they are also made with solid wood backing to provide a strong structural support.

Hardwood Stair Nosings

While pre-manufactured hardwood stair nosings don’t suffer the same problems mentioned above, there are still reasons why you would want them custom made. Laminate and vinyl floorings can be manipulated and bent more easily, but harwood is solid. So if you have stairs or landing that are irregularly shaped, curved or angled, these standard products offered by manufacturers won’t fit, at least not elegantly. We, on the other hand, make them just to fit your staircase. Any cut edge that’s showing will be stained to match to provide a fine finish.

How to Purchase

For flooring purchased from our flooring partners, you can order our products through them, or just let us know what you bought. For flooring purchased elsewhere, we just need you to ship us some materials in order to make matching stair nosings. Please get in touch with us via our contact page. We also work with home builders and developers in Kelowna, West Kelowna and the rest of Okanagan, ask them to contact us if you’re building a new home.

How to Install

For best result, consider hiring a professional. However, if you would like to tackle the project yourself, we have written a complete stair nosing installation guide for you to follow.

Other Moulding & Accessories

We also make custom flooring transitions and air vents that match your floors to make your home looks like a million dollars. And if your home is already a million dollar or more, there’s no reason to not give it a refined finish with our custom-made products.

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