Flooring Transitions

Our transition mouldings are custom made to match your flooring. We accommodate different styles, thicknesses and materials depending on your needs.

Unless you plan to install the same flooring throughout the entire home, you will need flooring transitions. Transition mouldings are strips that cover the gaps between floor areas, and provide seamless transition between them.

Types of Flooring Transitions

T moulding is used to transition between two floor areas of equal or similar heights. It’s called T moulding because of its shape looks like the alphabet T. If you have different types of flooring in your home, there may be height differences between them. This is often due to thickness of the floorings and also underlayments. If the height difference is more significant, you can use a reducer moulding to achieve a smooth transition. Stair nosing is also a type of transition moulding, which many flooring manufacturers don’t offer.

Store Bought Transition Mouldings

Depending on the flooring you purchase, the manufacturer may or may not offer matching mouldings; and while most hardware stores will carry transition mouldings, chances are they won’t perfectly match for your pre-purchase floorings. You could remove the stain and restain them if they’re made of wood, but stain matching is an art of its own. Also, if the transition between two floor areas aren’t straight, these store bought moulding strips won’t fit. We can save you the frustration and time by custom making flooring transitions to match the thickness, colour and shape of your flooring perfectly.

How to Purchase

For flooring purchased from our flooring partners, you can order our products through them, or just let us know what you bought. For flooring purchased elsewhere, we just need you to ship us some materials in order to make matching floor mouldings. Please get in touch with us via our contact page. We also work with home builders and developers in Kelowna, West Kelowna and the rest of Okanagan, ask them to contact us if you’re building a new home.

Other Moulding & Accessories

We also make custom stair nosings and air vents that match your floors to make your home looks like a million dollars. And if your home is already a million dollar or more, there’s no reason to not give it a refined finish with our custom-made products.

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