Custom Game Boards

These custom game boards make great gifts. We can produce custom crib boards and more with any logo or design.

We make custom game boards out of wood for all kinds of board games. Whatever design you have in mind, we can make it happen. The boards can be painted, stained, engraved or even inlaid to give it an unique, artistic, luxurious finish. Below are some of the more common games we make boards for.

Cribbage Board

Standard off the shelf crib boards usually come in a paper clip shape, which gets old real quick if you play it everyday. We can make custom crib board out of any shape and paint it however you want. Just take a look at the gallery on this product page for some of the designs our customers had submitted.

Chess & Checker Boards

Chess and checker boards are perfect for inlaying contrasting pieces of wood to the base as squares to make it really pop. For those who take chess seriously and spend hours staring at chessboards, why not invest in a custom one that’s visually pleasing and will last for decades.


Backgammon is an ancient game that traces back nearly 5,000 years, but the your Backgammon board doesn’t need to look ancient. The triangles on the board can be inlaid with wood of different grain patterns or colours to provide contrast. We can also put hinges on the bar so make the board foldable into a briefcase. You can also opt to engrave the backside of the case to make it truly yours.

Other Custom Game Boards

If you’re looking for a custom game board for games are not mentioned above, such as scrabble and monopoly, we can still make them out of wood. Just contact us to inquire.

How to Order

Having a personalized custom game board is a great way to start conversations when you invite your friends for a game. Even if your not a board game player yourself, chances are you have friends or family that are. So even if you don’t get one for yourself, get one for your loved ones. They’ll be thinking of you every time they play! If you run a business, custom game boards are also great for lunch rooms, break areas or cafes. To order, get in touch with us via our contact page to get the ball rolling.

Legal Notice

Our custom game boards are made to order according to our customers’ designs and specifications. All trademarks in the supplied designs, such as NHL’s Boston Bruins and Calgary Oilers’ logos, belong to their respective owners.

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