Cold Air Return Covers

We can custom cut cold air return covers in a variety of dimensions & shapes. Choose from one of our standard styles or request something completely custom.

Store bought cold air return covers are usually white, made of metal and only come in several standard sizes. So if you don’t your home to look like every other home, you should consider getting custom ones. Another reason is, due to their sizes, they can stick out like a sore thumb if they don’t blend well into the surroundings they’re in.

Wood Cold Air Return Covers

We custom make our return air grilles out of solid wood instead of metal, which means they won’t bend when they’re accidentally bumped into. Not only can they be painted any colour you like, we can also stain them to give your home a more elegant, refined look. Since they are custom made, we can make them any size, shape and thickness you like. For example, take a look at the picture in the product gallery, where an oversized cold air return cover is custom fitted to blend into the wood flooring. There is no way that using standard, store bought return air grilles can achieve the same custom, designer home look.

Unique, Custom Vent Pattern

What makes a home unique is in the details, so why settle with the standard straight vent patterns that every other home has? You can choose a vent pattern from one of the more popular designs, or you can be creative and request something completely custom. Why not? It’s your home, so make it yours. If you want to take it even a bit further, we also do wood engravings and inlays. The only limitation is your imagination.

How to Order

If you’d like to purchase custom cold air return covers from us, we need to know the dimensions, finish and vent pattern you’re looking for. Please contact us and provide as much information as you can, and attach photos in your message.

Other Air Vent Accessories

We also make custom top & flush mount air vents that match your floors to make your home looks like a million dollars. And if your home is already a million dollar or more, there’s no reason to not give it a refined finish with our custom-made products.

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